The Dutch Supreme Court ruled!
16 jan 2018 To avoid tax risks, it is important to check the 30%-ruling for employees lived within 150 km from the Dutch Border. Employees to whom the 30%-ruling was granted before 2012 have to meet the 150 km border criteria after 5 years!
18 dec 2017 The new Dutch government plans to reduce the duration of tax break for expats known as the 30% ruling with 3 years (therefore with 37.5%!), according to the coalition agreement published on 10 October 2017. Some 60,000 people currently claim the tax break, which effectively means they do not pay tax on the first 30% of their salary. Indian nationals are the most likely to use the ruling, followed by British, American and Italian expats.
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4 dec 2017 When you relocate to the Netherlands and planning to set up your own business you have to make sure that you are organized well in order to structure your finance and tax obligations properly. What are the options to work as an entrepreneur in the Netherlands? And what additional tax-benefits can you get as a new resident and entrepreneur in the Netherlands?

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